Underfloor heating and cooling

Classic underfloor heating

Uponor classic underfloor heating systems – ideal for installation in new residential and commercial buildings

Classic is a cost-efficient, flexible, fast and easy to install system from Uponor. Three different steel mat designs allow the space between the heating pipes to be adjusted to the heating requirements. It can be installed on top of all floors with thermal/step-sound insulation provided by the building owner. The insulation will not be damaged as steel mesh will be laid on top of the insulation.

Only three components are required: steel mesh, Uponor pipe clips and Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS.

“High-quality components guarantee perfect installation at low cost”


Application areas:

  • Radiant underfloor heating and cooling
  • Wet installation
  • Ideal for new residential and commercial buildings
  • High traffic and payload areas such as garages, showrooms, production halls, retail outlets
  • Proven and approved solutions with reduced construction available for cement and anhydrite based screed


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  • Steel mesh elements for exact pipe laying on top of insulation panels
  • Uponor classic clips from impact-proof polyamide for reliable fixture of the pipes onto the steel mesh
  • Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS PE-Xa dim. 16, 17 or 20 mm
  • Complete accessories portfolio


Benefits of the Uponor classic underfloor heating system

Uponor classic underfloor heating
  • Reliable and fast: one-man installation possible with Uponor classic Clipmaster
  • Flexible: repositioning of pipes at any time
  • Precise: Exact positioning of Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS and no damage to insulation material


Support for project specification
  • High pay-load insulation and step sound protection independently from pipe laying
  • Ideal for areas with high payload such as garage showrooms, production halls, retail outlets, logistic centres etc.
  • High quality components and installation at low cost
  • Proven and approved solutions with reduced construction available for cement and anhydrite based screed


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Uponor classic underfloor heating

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Uponor classic underfloor heating

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