230V žični sobni upravljač

Room temperature control

Wired 230 V individual room temperature control

Maximum ease of control with the minimum of effort

The Uponor Wired individual room temperature control 230 V consists of just a few components: the room thermostats T-23, T-24, T-25 and T-26 as well as the control unit C-23 for the neat wiring of the room thermostats and thermal actuators TA 230 or AR 230 in the distribution cabinet. The plug and play Uponor wiring unit C-23 supports the convenient and clear connection of up to 6 room thermostats and up to 14 thermal actuators. This ensures maximum safety in the distribution box. The control unit can be expanded to include the optional pump module. The integrated pump logic with pump protection function ensures safe, energy-saving operation of the directly connected circulation pump.

Benefits of wired controls:

  • Only a few components required
  • Neat installation on the wall or in the distribution cabinet
  • Plug and play control units
  • Optionally available with pump module

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Uponor base flexiboard, wired 230V controls


  • Information on 230V room controller with channel selector switch
  • Work simplification with Uponor Base Flexiboard
PDF 1.25MB

Uponor Base Flexiboard Quick Guide

Quick Guide for Uponor Base Flexiboard 230V version March 03 2017 international languages

  • Information on the 230 V control with selector switch
  • Less effort thanks to Uponor Base Flexiboard


PDF 1.70MB

Uponor base programmable digital thermostat T 26

Quick guide for wired thermostat T-26

PDF 8.42MB