Sobna kontrola temperaure

Room temperature controls

Uponor Smatrix: more comfort for less energy

The intelligent control system with autobalancing

Developed to fully leverage the advantages of a radiant system, Uponor Smatrix increases energy-efficiency while ensuring optimal comfort in every single room. With intelligent room, zone and supply water controls, Uponor Smatrix offers modular and expandable systems that are easy to install and meet the requirements of any building project – from new build to renovation. Key features include Uponor’s Autobalancing technology that can save up to 20 % in energy, a cooling function with high protection to avoid condensation, and the option for remote access via smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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Easy to install: Less wiring - or completely wireless

Easy to use: Intelligent algorithms optimise the system automatically and constantly for both wired and wireless controls

Easy to control: Optimum energy output for individual comfort

Installation videos

Uponor Smatrix – Your advantages

Home owners

Benefits end users

  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • 365 days premium indoor climate comfort including humidity control
  • Desired temperature level guaranteed in all seasons
  • Uponor Smatrix App for remote control via smartphone and tablet



Installers save time and money

  • Less wiring
  • Easy setup on installation
  • No need for time-consuming maintenance anymore



Benefits professionals

  • Easy and fast to install and set up with minimal wiring and intuitive wizard
  • No manual water balancing on the manifold required due to Autobalancing function
  • Low maintenance effort




  • Complete Uponor Smatrix product line fits optimal to your requirements
  • Fast mouting from installers
  • Easy controls handling for home owners

Uponor Smatrix for radiant heating and cooling

Four good reasons that add value to your home - Your key to more efficiency

  1. Autobalancing technology
  2. Cooling ready
  3. Easy control and trouble-free maintenance
  4. Ideal for renovation and construction projects


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Uponor Smatrix installation - easily explained in the videos

Installation Uponor Smatrix X145

Installation instructions

Installation Uponor Smatrix T143 und T163

Installation instructions

Installation Uponor Smatrix T146, T148, T166 und T167

Installation instructions

Installation Uponor Smatrix I167

Installation instructions