Ecoflex supra pe

Flexible Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

Smart district heating and cooling networks

The ultimate solution for heating and cooling water networks

Ecoflex pipe system offers professional solutions for a large number of possible uses with just a few components. The Ecoflex system provides a wide range of innovative and energy efficient pre-insulated pipes, fittings and accessories that can be used in a variety of building types and applications.

Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipes can easily and economically transport water for heating-, cooling-, and water distribution. The network installation can be handled quickly and efficiently, even in the most difficult conditions on site. 


Overview on district heating and cooling networks

District heating network

Application areas:

heating water icon   Heating water


Usage areas:

  • District heating
  • Biomass
  • Power plants
  • Remote boilers
  • Heat pumps


Cooling distribution network

Application areas:

chilled water icon    Chilled water


Usage areas:

  • District cooling
  • Geothermal


Pre-insulated pipes for district heating and cooling

uponor ecoflex pre insulated pipes

The smart system design of product lines provides seamless integration:

  • Ecoflex Thermo for pipe network and house connections for easy handling and flexibility.
  • Ecoflex Thermo PRO for main pipe line with excellent heat loss performance.
  • Ecoflex Quattro for all-in-one heating and domestic hot water connections.
  • Uponor at your service: design and site support, fast deliveries, cut-to-measure.
  • Quick and Easy and Wipex jointing technologies for fast installation.


Pre-insulated pipes for district heating networks

Ecoflex Varia

Cost effective solution for heating water supply

  • Even easier handling due to reduced jacket pipe diameter
  • Uponor Ecoflex Varia Single is available in 25 - 125 mm in 6 bar
  • Uponor Ecoflex Varia Twin is available in 25 - 50 mm in 6 bar


Ecoflex Thermo

Excellent flexibility for crossing over any obstacle

  • For energy efficient heating networks and house connections
  • Easily connected with reliable Wipex compression fittings or with well-known Quick & Easy fitting technology
  • The two-coloured centre profile in Uponor Ecoflex Thermo Twin prevents to mix up flow and return lines when pipes are connected
  • Single and twin pipe configurations with diameters up to 125 mm


Ecoflex Quattro

Easy transportation of heating and domestic hot water in one pipe

  • The all-in-one solution for connecting single buildings
  • Efficient and convenient installation
  • Flow and return pipes for heating and two service pipes for domestic hot water, including circulation


Ecoflex Thermo PRO

Excellent energy efficiency with best-in-class flexibility all along the way

  • Up to 40 % of heat loss improvement
  • Unique pipe construction and flexible PUR foam provide a high level of energy efficiency
  • Easily connected with well-known Quick and Easy fitting technology or traditional Wipex compression fittings
  • Marking on one of the service pipes differentiates flow and return pipes from each other
  • Ecoflex Thermo PRO Single is available in 40-110mm in 6 bar
  • Ecoflex Thermo PRO Twin is available in 25-63 mm in 6 bar


Pre-insulated pipes for cooling distribution networks

Ecoflex Supra
Ecoflex Supra PE

Ultimate system for cold drinking water and cooling water networks

  • For cooling water networks in hotel complexes, swimming pools or in industrial plants
  • Cold drinking water networks
  • Optional frost protection cable ensures frost-proof transportation of drinking water
  • PE medium pipe can be connected with compression and electro fusion fittings
  • Focusing on reduced installation costs


Ecoflex Thermo

Practical, ideal and versatile for cooling in summer and heating in winter

  • Heat losses of Ecoflex Thermo pipes are externally monitored
  • Approved and tested completed system
  • No need for special tools for assembly
  • The two-coloured centre profile in EcoflexThermo Twin prevents to mix flow and return lines when pipes are connected
  • Ecoflex Thermo Single is available in 25-125 mm in 6 bar
  • Ecoflex Thermo Twin is available in 25-75 mm in 6 bar


District heating and cooling network fittings

Wipex fittings
Ecoflex wipex fittings

Uponor Wipex – Reliable connection without special tools

  • Wipex fittings to connect PE and PE-Xa pipes for hot and cold water service 
  • Made of high quality DR brass
  • Available in PN 6 and PN 10
  • Easy to install without hemp and special tools
  • The sealing performance is unaffected by temperature fluctuations
  • Fittings for Uponor S-Press and RS connections


Q&E fittings

Uponor Quick and Easy – Impressively simple and fast connection technology without seals

  • Innovative and permanently tight connection technology
  • Very high pull-out resistance
  • Pipe material is the also sealing material, therefore O-rings not required

Uponor Ecoflex Thermo PRO installation with Q&E fittings

Have a look at our video where we show how the insulation is peeled off and then make a completely secure connection with Q&E connections.


Ecoflex accessories
Ecoflex accessories

Accessories for heating, cooling and tap water networks

  • Protect connections in the ground
  • Seal pipe ends
  • Heat traced products: electrical components for cable connections
  • Ecoflex rubber end caps, insulation sets, connection sets, control units, Jacket joint sets, wall sealings and wall ducts
  • Ecoflex chambers


Services for district heating and cooling distribution networks


 Ecoflex service pre cut pipe lengths   Pre-cut pipe lengths to the site as needed
 Ecoflex delivery service  24 to 96 h delivery service to the site depending on location

 Ecoflex support   Support from engineers for planning and layout

Uponor product catalogue


 Ecoflex product training   Product training and site support
 Ecoflex sales and distribution network  Extensive sales and distribution network

 Ecoflex quality management   Quality management system acc. to ISO 9001 and 14001

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Build on Uponor with Ecoflex Thermo PRO

Information on our new pre-insulated pipe system

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Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

Technical information

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Uponor Ecoflex Decoiler

Operational manual

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Uponor Ecoflex pre insulated pipes


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Uponor Ecoflex Supra

Technical information

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Build on Uponor with Quick & Easy

Information on innovative jointing technology for preinsulated Ecoflex pipes

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