Ecoflex supra pe

Flexible Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

Modern solutions for district heating, cooling and water distribution

Uponor Ecoflex offers an innovative and energy-efficient selection of pre-insulated pipes, fittings and accessories. The secure and durable systems are suitable for heating-, cooling-, and water distribution. Whether for buildings or complete local distribution networks, the system combines excellent heat loss performance with high flexibility and easy installation.
  • Complete system solution from the energy source to the building
  • Energy source can be any source of heat, e.g a power plant, boiler room or district heating sub station
  • Wide range of services support our customers in all project phases from training to design, delivery and site support
  • 30 years of experience and more than 35 million meters of pipes installed world wide


Application areas:

plumbing installation   Heating water
tap water icon

Hot and cold tap water
Freeze protection

chilled water icon
 Chilled water
industrial fluids icon
 Industrial fluids


Application usage:

  • District heating
  • District cooling
  • Biomass
  • Power plants
  • Remote boilers
  • Heat pumps


Flexible pre-insulated pipes for heating, cooling and water distribution between single buildings

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Products and services
  • Uponor project service
  • PE-Xa medium pipe
  • Special jacket pipes


Range of products
  • Best choice for energy-efficient installation
  • Professional project support
  • Highly flexible products
  • Easy installation as no special tools are needed


Installation with Q&E fittings
  • Simple and fast installation of  Ecoflex pipes
  • Patented technology with Q&E fittings
  • No seals needed


Ecoflex pipe and fitting technology for fast and safe connections

Ecoflex - pre insulated pipe
Uponor Q&E jointing technology
Ecoflex Wipex jointing technology

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Uponor Ecoflex pre insulated pipes


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Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

Technical information

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