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Uponor Motion - the intelligent flushing system

Uponor Motion - Keeping water in motion. Ensuring hygiene and comfort

Planning a drinking water installation according to hygienic requirements is an absolute must. Wrong design and installation bring risks for the drinking water hygiene in two ways: stagnation and warming. Legionella and other bacteria grow in warm (25–55 °C) and stagnant drinking water. Uponor Motion ensures a regular water exchange in your installation. Combining our new innovative flushing system with our established loop installation significantly reduces the risk of contamination by dangerous pathogens. Uponor Motion enables the operation of a drinking water system in accordance with German DIN 1988-200 and meets the high requirements of German DVGW W540.


Uponor Motion flushing system

Pre-programmed flushing logic acc to VDI/DVGW 6024 standard or individual flushing settings  (e.g. on interval, time, temperature)

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Product features and product design

Uponor Motion flushing station

Intelligence in motion

  • Significantly reduced risk of stagnation and legionella growth
  • Temperature sensors to detect stagnation
  • No waiting time for warm water
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Innovative drain siphon enabling a turbulent flow of 15 l/min at min. 1 bar water pressure
  • Intelligent product design and a noise-insulating housing made of EPP help contribute to meet the increased sound insulation requirements according to DIN EN 4109/5, VDI 4100 SSt III, SSt EB II


Uponor Motion flushing system for hygiene drinking water installations

Uponor Motion drinking water hygiene


in washbasin frame

Uponor Motion drinking water hygiene


into drywall or sanitary walls

Wall mounted
Uponor Motion drinking water hygiene

Wall mounted

without washbasin frame

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Uponor Motion App

Easy to use

  • Pre-programmed flushing logic according to German VDI/DVGW 6024 standard or individual flushing settings (e.g. interval, time, temperature)
  • Detailed flush logs via the Uponor Motion App or pre-installed SD card
  • Intuitive operation on a smartphone or tablet via WiFi


Uponor Motion App
Uponor Motion installation

Invisible installation

  • No visually disturbing parts in sanitary room
  • No additional planning effort, as a washbasin is part of a sanitary room
  • No additional wastewater connection
  • Pre-installed universal connections included
  • Adapter kits compatible with the leading sanitary wall frame systems on the market

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Uponor Motion flushing system

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Drinking water supply from one source

Uponor offers the entire range of products required to ensure drinking water hygiene and proper water quality. 

Our drinking water concept simplifies both planning and installation. 

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