multilayer pipe system

Drinking water delivery

Multilayer pipe system

Drinking water installation with Uni Pipe PLUS

With our innovative SACP (seamless aluminium composite pipe) technology, we have created a completely new product group for tap water solutions; the world's first composite pipe with a seamlessly extruded aluminium layer - called Uni Pipe PLUS.

Uni Pipe PLUS does not have a weld joint. This drinking water multilayer pipe (Uponor MLCP) will support your construction project with fast and efficient installations. The Uponor multilayer pipe system has always the right pipe and fittings solution.


Enhanced performance and safety

  • Uni Pipe PLUS as straight lengths and coils
  • More flexible and bendable than current multilayer pipes
  • Saves time during installation
  • Less installation components reduce costs
  • Uni pipe PLUS straight lengths feature a special aluminium layer that is more rigid than conventional multilayer composite pipes
  • Provides a visually attractive, on-wall mounting solution
 New products  Uponor S-Press PLUS sliding coupling 16 - 40 mm

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Application areas:


plumbing installation   Tap water installation
plumbing installation  Radiator connection




Multilayer Pipes
  • Uni Pipe PLUS 16 - 32 mm
  • MLC 40 - 110 mm


  • S-Press PLUS 16 - 32 mm
  • RTM 16 - 32 mm
  • S-Press 40 - 75 mm
  • Modular riser fittings 63 - 110 mm


Uponor multilayer pipe system

multilayer pipe portfolio

 A composite pipe in both small and large dimensions

  • Available in dimension 16 - 110 mm
  • 100 % oxygen diffusion tight multilayer pipe and corrosion resistant
  • Easy handling
  • Low weight
  • High inherent stability and bend flexibility
  • Low linear expansion
  • Excellent hydrostatic stress performance
  • Low pressure drop in the pipes due to large internal dimensions


Uponor online catalogue

Uni Pipe PLUS - for fast installations

  • Up to 40 % narrower bending radius compared to conventional multilayer pipes
  • 0 % adjustments - the pipe retains the shape perfectly after bending
  • Up to 15 % less fittings thanks to the higher bending ability
  • 100 % backward compatible with Uponor's MLC pipes and S-Press connectors
  • Hygienic pipes that meet drinking water requirements and guidelines


Uponor Metallic Pipe PLUS – for fast and clean installations

Uni Pipe Plus Multilayer pipe
  • Check out this video for an introduction to Uponor Uni Pipe Plus


Uponor S-Press fittings

S-Press PLUS sliding coupling

S Press PLUS sliding coupling dim. 16-40


S-Press PLUS features

  • Uponor innovative 3-step installation 
  • Colour coding
  • Precise jaw fixation
  • Uponor unique press indicator
  • Accurate test safety function
  • Fully compatible with Uponor composite pipes and existing Uponor jaws


Easy onsite installation inside prefabricated riser blocks

Due to adjustable distance by up to 50 mm, Uponor S-Press PLUS sliding coupling allows easily to connect fixed Uponor MLC pipes. Length tolerances inside the installation of prefabricated riser blocks and the installation at the construction site can be easily compensated and safely ensured with the Uponor S-Press PLUS technology.

It is easy to insert the pipe without any big forces. Also small axial displacements could be fixed by easy bending of the Uni Pipe PLUS pipe.

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Optimal connection between prefabricated riser blocks at the construction site

Uponor S Press PLUS sliding coupling dim 16 to 40 open view
Uponor S Press PLUS sliding coupling dim 16 to 40 closed view
S-Press PLUS

Uponor S-Press PLUS – ensuring permanently tight pipe connections.

  • Resistant to any kind of drinking water
  • Unique press indicator
  • Precise jaw fixation
  • Fast diameter recognition
  • Accurate test safety function
  • Decreased pressure loss by up to 60%
  • 100% backwards compatible with existing Uponor components
  • Innovative QR code for access to support, databases and item list and ordering

The one with no compromise: Tough, Safe, Easy and Smart!


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fittings spress plus
Quick installation

S-Press PLUS - the press fitting without compromise

Large dimension

S-Press in dimension 40-75

S press composite fittings large dimensions

The Uponor S-Press fitting 40-75 for riser installation, applicable for all sanitary facilities as well as for heating and cooling for both residential and commercial buildings.

  • Big dimension from 40-76 with PPSU body
  • Fast installation with easy bevelling and without calibration
  • Free choice between Uponor RS portfolio and S-Press composite portfolio 63-75
  • Colour coding and test safety function
  • Stop ring segments for easy and precise jaw fixation
  • Approvals for drinking water and hygiene – all over Europe


Uponor pipe fittings related to the MLCP system

RTM fittings

RTM system  for tap water and radiator connection

RTM tool free fittings

  • RTMTM Technology = Tool-Inside concept - Ring with Tension Memory
  • Material used combines the lightest engineered plastic with the best mechanical features of metal
  • Memory effect that ensures water tightness at all times
  • Ring applies a consistent pressure around the pipe, it absorbs any temperature fluctuations


Modular riser fittings

Modular riser system for tap water

Modular riser system

Effective way for the installation of risers

Uponor modular Riser System MLCP fitting uses just 40 parts to achieve more than 300 fitting combinations, up to 110mm, and features a distinctive “click and lock” mechanism which removes the need for overhead pressing.

With the Uponor modular Riser System you will get new possibilities for everything from planning to installation.


MLCP press fittings

Ideal for drinking water installations

Unique worldwide, the multilayer pipe system from Uponor is ideal for drinking water installations. The pipe is produced under the strictest hygienic conditions and is hygienically sealed off.

Thanks to its flexibility and stability, Uni Pipe PLUS is perfectly suitable for loop installations.


Your Uponor Hygiene Logic

  •  Certified hygienic installation systems
  • The full system portfolio allows for a modern loop installation
  • Uponor products are delivered in hygienically sealed packaging
  • Our quality is frequently tested by independent institutes
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Loop installation

Loop installations are more hygienic than traditional systems since the risk of standing or stagnant water is significantly minimised. In addition, there is no variance with the pipe dimensions and it is independent from outlet positioning.

  • Less Fittings
  • Easy Install
  • More Mounting Possibilities
  • Eliminate Dead Legs
  • Improved Flow Rates

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Uponor plumbing systems and hygiene installation


PDF 19.32MB

Uponor S Press PLUS sales folder

Build on Uponor with S-Press PLUS

PDF 680.00kB

Uponor S Press PLUS Technical data sheet

Features, mounting instructions, portfolio, applications, zeta values, pressure loss diagramm

PDF 821.48kB

Uponor S Press PLUS composite fittings dimensions 63 and 75 mm


PDF 19.87MB

Uponor S Press composite 63-75 PPSU

Product information

PDF 840.57kB

Uponor metallic pipe plus 16-20 mm

Installation manual

PDF 583.46kB

Uponor installation manual

Uni Pipe PLUS 16 till 32 mm and MLC 14 mm and 40 till 110 mm

PDF 1.05MB

Uponor S-Press PLUS sliding coupling dimension 16 till 40 mm

Product information

PDF 1.55MB

Uponor S-Press sliding coupling

Installation manual

PDF 378.35kB

Uponor installation manual

Smart Aqua Tap elbow mount

PDF 181.25kB